Understanding Complexity

Complexity theory helps us understand the changing world we live in, from the natural processes like ants finding food to the development of cities.

Getting Started with Complexity Defining Features of CAS

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The diagram below  illustrates various definitions provided of CAS over the last few decades, showing areas of overlap in one definition 'synthesis'. The CAS Defining Features discussed on this site are derived from this synthesis.

The Feed

An evolving collection of examples and sharables relating to complex adaptive systems and its topics, definitions, thinkers, and applications.

Understanding understanding : essays on cybernetics and cognition (Book, 2010)

[Heinz Von Foerster] -- "In these essays Heinz von Foerster discusses some of the fundamental principles that govern how we know the world and how we process the information from which we derive that knowledge. Included are ...

Scale : the universal laws of growth, innovation, sustainability, and the pace of life in organisms, cities, economies, and companies (2018)

"From one of the most influential scientists of our time, a dazzling exploration of the hidden laws that govern the life cycle of everything from plants and animals to the cities we live in."

Artificial Life

Artificial life as a tool for biological inquiry; Cooperation and community structure in artificial ecosystems; Extended molecular evolutionary biology: artificial life bridging the gap between chemistry and biology; Visual models of morphogenesis; The artificial life roots of artificial intelligence; Toward synthesizing artificial neural networks that exhibit cooperative intelligence behavior

Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life

Charles Darwin

Adaptive environmental assessment and management (Book, 2004)

[C S Holling; Programme des Nations Unies pour l'environnement.;]